BCC_logo1Balkanski Kulturni Krug / Balkan Cultural Centre 
was born out of a desire to explore and share with others the multifaceted and interwoven culture of the Balkans. We are a group of young scholars and culture industry professionals that have decided to come together and establish a non-profit cultural association, started in 2014, as a way to better understand the culture of the region, and help promote the shared cultural and artistic expressions. Based in Croatia, but embodying the trans-national spirit that is so central to the history and culture of the Balkans, with its numerous permutations of national identity over the centuries, we are excited about the possibilities of being involved in projects that have a local, national, regional and international impact.


Who we are 

^7DBF4BA0274291BCEF0057B0B90FA32F2405736D48A3819F16^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrDr. Ana Grgić is the president of BCC, a scholar and a researcher on early cinema, archives and cultural memory in the Balkans, with a PhD from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. She received her Master Degree from the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle in 2011, with a dissertation on film restoration theory and cinematic image-matter. Before her PhD, Ana worked as a curator, in Australia, and worked in film production for several years, at both Cinecittà, the Italian film studio, and in London’s Soho district. Ana is currently acting as a co-chair for the SCMS Central/East/South European Scholarly Interest Group, and she is ambassador of Balkans Beyond Borders and jury member of the Best Critic Award at altcineAction! online film festival. Her recent contributions include articles and chapters in the edited volume The Film Festival Yearbook 5: Archival Film Festivals (2013), Divan Film Festival Symposium Papers (2014, 2015), Cinemas of Paris (2016), Frames Cinema Journal and East European Film Bulletin.

IMG_1393Dr. Raluca Iacob (Romania), is the vice president of BCC, a researcher and a scholar working on post-communist Romanian cinema, with a PhD from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. She had previously obtained a Master’s degree, from the University of Amsterdam, in 2009, with a dissertation on film authors and emotional expression. Raluca has organised academic conferences in film studies and curated a successful film programme at the Byre Theatre on the topic of Balkan cinema. She contributed writings in the edited volumes The Film Festival Yearbook 4: Films Festival and Activism (2014), New Romanian Cinema: An Anthology (2016), Readings of the Romanian New Wave (2016) and Frames Cinema Journal

Petar Pecur Petar Pečur is the secretary of BCC, head archivist and music librarian at Croatia Records and doctoral student at the Department of Information and Communication Sciences, University of Zagreb. In 2013, he received a double Masters Degree in Information Science and Library Science, with a final thesis on knowledge management in e-science. Since 2007, he has been involved in local independent and major record labels, working as a promoter, editor and copywriter. He has also closely collaborated with the Association for Cultural Development from Zagreb, curating and conserving their collection as well as helping with project documentation for various financial support programmes by ministries and other organizations. More recently, he started hosting a music show on Radio Student based on early avant-garde, experimental and electronic music from the region.

397131_2650050166465_1989907070_nGjergj Mosko (Albania/Greece) is responsible for BCC’s communication and website design. After his studies in filmmaking at the New York College in Athens, he worked as assistant director on a number of short films and he did the making of in feature films, such as Pantelis Voulgaris’ Psychi Vathia/A Soul so Deep (2009) and Tessera Mavra Koustoumia/Four Black Suits (2010, dir. Renos Haralambidis). He was also employed as a cameraman and boom operator on several TV shows and documentaries in Greece and Albania, such as Ellinon Dromena (2008 – 2009) and Extreme Makeover Home Edition Albania (2011 – 2012). More recently, he collaborated as editor and content writer on altcine, an online platform for Balkan cinema. During this period, he translated subtitles in both Greek and English languages for short films in competition at altcineAction! Online Film Festival for young Balkan filmmakers.

What we do

BCC  endeavours to provide:

1) the management of a regional cultural centre,

2) organisation of various activities related to film, theatre, music, literature, visual arts and other cultural or social expressions deriving from historical and traditional practices within the region,

3) organisation of and participation in seminars, roundtables, workshops, conferences, projects, competitions and other similar events with the aim of promoting BCC’s goals and continuous education of its members and its wider audience,

4) cooperation with other cultural, scientific, academic and research organisations and fostering international cultural exchanges,

5) creation and reinforcement of good working relationships with similar organisations in Croatia and abroad, in order to reach common goals through the organisation of seminars, conferences, symposiums, workshops, associations, media actions, festivals, projects, competitions and similar cultural events,

6) digital and print publications within the scope of BCC’s activities.

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