Altcine (Greece) is a unique and the largest online platform for the promotion of film and video productions of the Balkan countries worldwide, founded in 2011 by Electra Venaki. It offers accurate, balanced and forward-looking coverage of film and video productions, news and information, technical and legal issues, articles, reviews and critiques, and is a virtual meeting place for actors, filmmakers, producers, distributors, sales agents, film technicians, the film industry and its audiences. Altcine’s mission is to preserve cultural diversity of the Balkans, educate new audiences, and open up new possibilities for artists and professionals in a multicultural environment.


adriapol logo

Adriapol Institute (Albania) aims to achieve sustainability and versatile multisector integration as an indispensable demand for urban, economic, cultural and technological development of the community and its life improvement. Thanks to its activities, which include research, training, courses, consultations, services and publishing with the view to better serve public interests, Adriapol strives to make innovation and creativity its daily philosophy. The Institute aims to provide guarantees for vertical integration among the various levels of governance and the stakeholders involved as well as horizontal integration among the various sectors of public activity.


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Tirana International Fim Festival (TIFF) is the first and only international cinema festival of its kind in Albania. Created in 2003, this extraordinary cultural event takes place under the auspices of the Albanian National Center for Cinematography (QKK). Open to any filmmaker from around the world, TIFF showcases new cinematic work by established directors with international reputations as well as work by talented students and young artists. All the daily programs of the festival combine features and short films in all formats and genres: fiction, documentary, animation and experimental. TIFF also schedules classes and seminars with professionals in the motion picture industry geared for Albanian students of the cinema and emerging filmmakers, special programs & screenings, retrospectives, homage, tributes and international guestsThe aim of TIFF is, above all, to create a meeting point for filmmakers, artists and cinema enthusiasts from Albania, Europe and the entire world, to come together and share their common passion and knowledge of the motion picture art form.


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Balkan Cultural Institute (BCI), created by Marian Ţuţui, aims to promote cultural values among the countries in the region and seeks to build partnerships beyond the boundaries of the Balkan peninsula. In May 2014, in collaboration with the Together for You Association/ Asociatia Impreuna pentru tine, BCI organised courses for trainers and project managers  at the Lumina University of South-East Europe/Universitatea Europei de Sud-Est Lumina.


Divan Film Festival

Divanul Degustătorilor de Film și Artă Culinară/ Divan Film Festival is set next to a group of old buildings from a World War I harbour turned into a “cultural port” by host and poet Mircea Dinescu, and artistic director Marian Ţuţui. By not being competitive, the festival allows the organisers to show old Balkan films which can be revelations for the audience and specialists. Followed by the academic community and students, Divan Film Festival explores a specific theme each year, illustrated through screenings and an international scientific symposium attended by film scholars.






Mediterranean Film Festival Split is one of the most popular cultural events on the Adriatic and its positive spirit has been recognized by more than 60.000 visitors in the last decade. During the eight days of the festival, audiences can watch films from the Mediterranean region as well as regional and Croatian premieres in Split  not available through regular cinema distribution. What gives the festival an authentic Mediterranean feeling are the open-air screenings next to the popular sandy beach Bačvice, the smell of hundred year old pines and the sound of the sea.


Kino klub Split

Kino klub Split, founded in 1952, reunites non-professional, alternative and amateur filmmaking in Croatia, for six generations of authors. Aside from being a meeting place for local film enthusiasts and filmmakers, the Cine Club organizes weekly screenings and lectures consisting of classic film school programs enriched by courses in new media, professional and amateur film and computer animation. Monthly workshops are run in cooperation with members, with the aim to homogenize acquired knowledge through practical work, socializing and discussions.



Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB) is a nongovernmental organisation which promotes youth mobility and youth cooperation in the Balkans through the art of short film and new media, dialogue, interaction and innovative learning. By joining BBB’s activities and while developing practical skills, young people from the Balkans learn to coexist, cooperate and overcome “borders”. BBB serves its mission in four ways: though the organisation of a short film festival, workshops, seminars, and network development.