The 5C Project

5C_LOGO01_v2 smallThe 5C Project: Ciné Caravan: Culture-City-Cinema

A film literacy travelling program for a wide audience (university and higher education students, cinéphiles, film amateurs, young filmmakers, academic and educational staff etc.) in 4 low production capacity countries.

A joint project by altcine (Greece), Balkan Cultural Centre (Croatia), Balkan Cultural Institute (Romania), and Adriapol (Albania).

Project Summary

Cultural and educational events in four different European countries with low audiovisual production capacity (Greece, Croatia, Romania and Albania), including screenings, workshops, roundtables and Q&A sessions, will give the opportunity to a large audience to watch, explore and analyse feature and short films, both recent productions and awarded films, from neighbouring countries that have never been released before in their territory, thus proposing another point of view on their neighbour’s cinema.

The main target group of the action is young European moviegoers who are willing to express themselves through written or audio-visual texts, local university students, film amateurs and local audiences.

Five young European people, after an online selection procedure, will follow the caravan in the four cities, will be coached by experienced tutors and during the open workshops and screenings, they will be invited to communicate with a local audience, reveal another point of view and additionally, express this by using extensively the digital technologies.

Between the events, a growing network of young audiences will communicate and interact through Internet tools (such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), created especially for their exchanges, in order to provide constant audio-visual learning.

The participants will manage their own feed/blog on the project’s specific website (established at the beginning of the project), where the participants’ experiences of the project (feeds, blogs, selfies, photos and videos) will be regularly posted throughout the year. An online brochure including project information, articles and interviews from filmmakers, film scholars and the project participants, will be edited and published by 5C upon completion.

The choice of films will be based, for this first edition, on the perception of the “City”; each film’s narrative will focus on a different city, with their specific local, cultural, social, historical and economic circumstances.

All films will be shown in the original language with English and local language subtitles. In addition, the screenings will be preceded by an introduction and followed by profound analysis and discussion with the experts/tutors, the young “ambassadors” and the audience.

The general theme questions of the proposed action are:

  • How do you perceive cultural differences/similarities as expressed through the films in view of the cities represented?
  • How do you see your own city (through the films presented) within the region and in Europe?
  • Are you ready to present your point of view regarding your city or other European cities through audio-visual means?

The initiative focuses on three main axes:

  1. Interdisciplinary learning through:
  • Workshops in film criticism and film analysis
  • Workshops in film creation (shooting – editing)
  • Roundtable on film festivals’ selection criteria regarding regional and International competition programs.
  1. Awarded feature films and recent short film projections, discussions and Q&A sections.
  2. Online tools, mentoring and didactic material (both text and audio-visual), as well as other web resources, between and after the ground (local) activities.


The 5C Project team in Split

Project leader: Ana Grgić

Country coordinator: Sunčica Fradelić

PR & Website editor: Raluca Iacob

Photographer: Ivan Petričević

Designer: George Maier

Translation: Petar Pečur

Workshop speakers: Elektra Venaki, Boris Poljak, Diana Nenadić

Accountant: Maja Dragojević